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Steven Valentine

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Steven Valentine

Post by Lone Soldier on Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:56 pm

Name: Steven Valentine

Age: (18+) 21

Gender: Male


Faceclaim: Ian Somerhalder

Sexuality: Heterosexual

God Parent: Hades

Powers: Ability to Summon and Control Spartoi and sometimes the dead,can heal some wounds of people (To a certain Extent or amount at of Time)

Family: N/A

Relationship Status:Single

Occupation: Doctor

Place of Residence: (New York,USA, North America

Highest level of education: PHD.

Years at camp: 6

Backstory: His Mother Died in Birth so he was Taken care of by His Grandparents. His Grandfather was a Surgeon and his Grandmother a House-Wife. Steven grew up in a well-off setting but never spoiled. He had to earn everything and prove himself in worthy but it was a Loving Environment. He was always expected to be a Doctor like his Grandfather. Due to Heart problems his Grandmother died and He mourned for a 4 months. Then he went to visit her grave and sobbed until his hand pounded the ground and then her Corpse started to shuffle and dug through the grass. He was shocked and hated himself for doing such a Disrespectful thing. He passed out from using such energy and Hades came to him in a Dream. His father told him who he was and Steven was a Demigod. Hades also told him about a Camp where he can learn to control his powers. So he went there during summer and continued school to become a Doctor for His Grandfather.
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Re: Steven Valentine

Post by Sierra Kingsley on Wed Jul 29, 2015 6:59 pm

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