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Alexander Wright

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Alexander Wright

Post by feathertail on Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:50 am

Name: Alexander Wright
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Faceclaim: Jared Padalecki (<3)
Sexuality: Unsure
God Parent: Ichnaea (Ιχναία), goddess of tracking
Powers: Exceptional tracking skill, seems to be able to track things which didn't leave a trail in the slightest.
Family: Younger brother, Graham
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Monster Hunter
Place of Residence: New Zealand
Highest level of education: High school (ish)
Years at camp: 7
Backstory: Alexander and Graham's life was pretty normal at first. They lived with their dad up in a mountain, in an old cottage. They hunted for their meat. Even at a young age, the boys were skilled hunters and trackers. Alexander, being the older one by 4 years, took it upon himself to make sure Graham and he were ready for any sort of challenge brought upon them. The only one they weren't expecting was their father's death. Everyone said it was an grizzly attack but Alexander knew better, as both he and his brother were claimed a few weeks before. The seven year old immediately took on the responsibility of taking care of three year old Graham. The boys were sent to live with their grandfather, who hadn't spoken to the boys' father since Alexander was born. The boys went to live with this man with only a small bag and and letter addressed to Alexander with a small note saying "For the right time". This "right time" came three years later when Alexander and Graham came home from school to find their grandfather dead and a hellhound standing over his body. Alexander took quick action and picked his brother up and ran into the woods. The hellhound didn't follow them, for some odd reason, so the boys slowly made their way into town where a nice woman, with a daughter close to Graham's age, took the boys into until the foster system could find them a better home. They lived with the woman for another two years until they were relocated to a new home. On the way there, Alexander finally opened the letter to see was from their father explaining who their mother was and why they were different. He also told of a place where they would be safe. So after a few weeks of living with the new family, Alexander and Graham ran away to find this safe place. They lived there until Alexander turned 19 and then they started moving around the country until they got the money to move to a different country. They moved to Australia first and lived there for a few years, working as monster hunters. After that they moved to New Zealand and that brings us to present time. (Love to Sofie for coming up with this marvellousness while I was asleep <3)

Pietro Maximoff ~ 25 ~ Son of Iris
Thomas "Tom" Whittaker ~ 34 ~ Son of Até
Elissa Winchester ~ 20 ~ Daughter of Apollo
Halo Golding ~ 23 ~ Son of Epione
Agent Coulson ~ Classified ~ Son of Harpocrates
Alexander "Alex" Wright ~ 25 ~ Son of Ichnaea
Derek Shepherd ~ 39 ~ Son of Poseidon
Mark Sloan ~ 33 ~ Son of Aphrodite
Gwâthiôn Rohan ~ 29 ~ Son of Asclepius
Alec Summers ~ 26 ~ Son of Hephaestus


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Re: Alexander Wright

Post by Sofie Berry on Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:51 am

:3 <3

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Re: Alexander Wright

Post by Caroline Berry on Wed Dec 09, 2015 10:51 am


1: Alia Brooks-18-Starbucks-Straight-Engaged to Logan Henderson (Emily Rudd)
2: Benedict Loric-38-Business Tycoon-Homosexual-Engaged to Thomas Whittaker (Benedict Cumberbatch)
3: Samantha Cain-19-Unemployed-Straight-Single (AnnaSophia Robb)
4: Liam Cain-23-Soldier-Straight-It's complicated (Liam Hemsworth)
5: Chanelle Nelson-19-Make up Artist-Bisexual-IAR w/ Andrew Night (Victoria Justice)
6: Meredith Grey-32-Doctor-Bisexual-Single (Ellen Pompeo)
7: Camille Douglas-20-Waitress-Bisexual-Single (Camila Mendes)
8: Elias Bates-27-Unemployed-Unsure-Single (Bill Skarsgard)
9: Mary Margaret Blanchard-28-Teacher-Heterosexual-Single (Ginnifer Goodwin)
10: Preston Bates-41-President of USA-Heterosexual-Single (Alexander Skarsgard)
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Re: Alexander Wright

Post by Sponsored content

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