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Jaxon "Jax" Carter

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Jaxon "Jax" Carter

Post by Sierra Kingsley on Thu Jul 02, 2015 5:14 pm

Name: Jax Carter
Age: 21
Gender: Male 
Faceclaim: Max schneider 
Sexuality: Straight 
God Parent: Zeus 
Powers: Lightning and wind control 
Family: N/A 
Relationship Status: single 
Occupation: Male stripper Smile Kidding. Hes a student part time and a part time performer at a bar in the city 
Place of Residence: NYC 
Highest level of education: currently at University 
Years at camp: 2 
Backstory: Jaxon grew up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. His mom died when he was 12 and his dad was never around, so he more or less raised himself. He survived by street performing for money. He learned to play the ukulele and played on the corners of New York for spare change. He also loves to dance and sometimes did that as well.
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Re: Jaxon "Jax" Carter

Post by Caroline Berry on Thu Jul 02, 2015 6:46 pm

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