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Benedict Loric

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Benedict Loric

Post by Caroline Berry on Tue Jul 14, 2015 1:56 pm

Name: Benedict "Ben" Loric
Age: 38 (Birthday - July 19)
Gender: Male
Face Claim: Benedict Cumberbatch
Sexuality: Openly homosexual
God Parent: Eros
Powers: Ben can cause someone to have a physical attraction, but he never really uses it for his own gain. He can also feel when people are in love or when two people love each other.
Family: None.
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: He owns several businesses and stocks.
Place of Residence: London, England
Highest level of education: University
Years at camp: 0
Backstory: Ben grew up rich. He had three older, mortal half brothers. His mother died while giving birth to Ben and never let Ben forget it. But still, Ben grew up in a loving home. He was close with his brothers and his grandparents, not so much his father.
As a child, Ben was cheeky and charming, always making the women he met coo over him. He was quick to make friends with the girls in his age, but not for the reasons everyone thought.
Ben "came out of the closet" in his early teens but no one seemed to believe him. Eros claimed him just before his thirteenth birthday, and this triggered his powers almost.
In his late teens, Ben would sneak out of the house a lot and one night he came back to see his father's house burnt to the ground and everyone in his small family, dead. Which left Ben with everything. Ben was falsely accused of the crime but his father's lawyer got the charges dropped. Ben took over his family's companies and moved into his grandparent's estate. He's been living there ever since.

(replacing Libbie)

1: Alia Brooks-18-Starbucks-Straight-Engaged to Logan Henderson (Emily Rudd)
2: Benedict Loric-38-Business Tycoon-Homosexual-Engaged to Thomas Whittaker (Benedict Cumberbatch)
3: Samantha Cain-19-Unemployed-Straight-Single (AnnaSophia Robb)
4: Liam Cain-23-Soldier-Straight-It's complicated (Liam Hemsworth)
5: Chanelle Nelson-19-Make up Artist-Bisexual-IAR w/ Andrew Night (Victoria Justice)
6: Meredith Grey-32-Doctor-Bisexual-Single (Ellen Pompeo)
7: Camille Douglas-20-Waitress-Bisexual-Single (Camila Mendes)
8: Elias Bates-27-Unemployed-Unsure-Single (Bill Skarsgard)
9: Mary Margaret Blanchard-28-Teacher-Heterosexual-Single (Ginnifer Goodwin)
10: Preston Bates-41-President of USA-Heterosexual-Single (Alexander Skarsgard)
Caroline Berry

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Re: Benedict Loric

Post by feathertail on Tue Jul 14, 2015 2:00 pm

*squeals excitedly*

Pietro Maximoff ~ 25 ~ Son of Iris
Thomas "Tom" Whittaker ~ 34 ~ Son of Até
Elissa Winchester ~ 20 ~ Daughter of Apollo
Halo Golding ~ 23 ~ Son of Epione
Agent Coulson ~ Classified ~ Son of Harpocrates
Alexander "Alex" Wright ~ 25 ~ Son of Ichnaea
Derek Shepherd ~ 39 ~ Son of Poseidon
Mark Sloan ~ 33 ~ Son of Aphrodite
Gwâthiôn Rohan ~ 29 ~ Son of Asclepius
Alec Summers ~ 26 ~ Son of Hephaestus


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