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Elissa Winchester

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Elissa Winchester

Post by feathertail on Mon Jul 20, 2015 1:28 pm

Name: She uses many, but her birth name is Elissa Cara Winchester
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Faceclaim: Alona Tal
Sexuality: Demi/Grey-sexual/romantic/aesthetic
God Parent: Apollo
Powers: Absorbs light energy. When she has collected enough, she can focus it on an adversary.
Family: Her mother, her best friends Orlando, Alex, and Gray, all of whom she see as brothers.
Relationship status: Unavailable
Occupation: Monster Hunter
Place of Residence: Australia & New Zealand
Highest level of education: Started university but quit halfway through her second year
Years at camp: 18 in New Zealand Camp
Backstory: (Optional)

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Re: Elissa Winchester

Post by Caroline Berry on Mon Jul 20, 2015 2:18 pm


1: Alia Brooks-18-Starbucks-Straight-Engaged to Logan Henderson (Emily Rudd)
2: Emily Night-18-Unemployed-Straight-Married to Chase Night (Georgie Henley)
3: Benedict Loric-38-Business Tycoon-Homosexual-Engaged to Thomas Whittaker (Benedict Cumberbatch)
4: Samantha Cain-19-Unemployed-Straight-Single (AnnaSophia Robb)
5: Liam Cain-23-Soldier-Straight-It's complicated (Liam Hemsworth)
6: Chanelle Nelson-19-Make up Artist-Bisexual-IAR w/ Andrew Night (Victoria Justice)
7: Meredith Grey-32-Doctor-Bisexual-Single (Ellen Pompeo)
8: Camille Douglas-20-Waitress-Bisexual-Single (Camila Mendes)
9: Dallas Ross-25-Fireman-Homosexual-Single (Joshua Henderson)
10: Austin Ross-26-Police Officer-Heterosexual-Single (Jesse Metcalfe)
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