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Halo Golding

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Halo Golding

Post by feathertail on Mon Jul 27, 2015 1:28 pm

Name: Halo Golding
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Faceclaim: William Moseley
Sexuality: Grey-sexual/romantic
God Parent: Epione [Goddess of soothing pain]
Powers: He feels no minor pain, he can dull others' pain for a while if he takes on what they feel. e.g. they have a broken leg, he takes the pain away and receives it himself, though he doesn't have the broken leg.
Family: Mortal siblings
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Part-time student, stunt man. Ex-military
Place of Residence: Moves around a lot for jobs. At the moment, he's around the NYC area.
Highest level of education: Secondary School, taking online courses at Cambridge
Years at camp: 0
Backstory: (Optional)

Pietro Maximoff ~ 25 ~ Son of Iris
Thomas "Tom" Whittaker ~ 34 ~ Son of Até
Elissa Winchester ~ 20 ~ Daughter of Apollo
Halo Golding ~ 23 ~ Son of Epione
Agent Coulson ~ Classified ~ Son of Harpocrates
Alexander "Alex" Wright ~ 25 ~ Son of Ichnaea
Derek Shepherd ~ 39 ~ Son of Poseidon
Mark Sloan ~ 33 ~ Son of Aphrodite
Gwâthiôn Rohan ~ 29 ~ Son of Asclepius
Alec Summers ~ 26 ~ Son of Hephaestus


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